ORDER NOW: A Citizen's Guide to the 125th Maine Legislature

A Citizen’s Guide to the 125th Maine Legislature is the indispensable book for anyone dealing with the legislature. The Guide is especially designed for the activists who may be working with the Legislature for the first time.

But whether you are a veteran lobbyist or a political novice, the Guide provides critical information to make you better informed about the legislative branch of state government. The Maine People’s Resource Center has published this highly regarded biennial publication since 1985.

The Guide Includes:

• Ratings from diverse national and state organizations
• Endorsements
• Election results
• Campaign expenditures
• Informative profiles of Maine’s governor, state senators and representatives
• Legislative addresses, phone numbers, and emails

• Committee assignments
• How the legislature is organized
• Contact information for nearly 70 Citizen Groups involved in the legislative process
• How an idea becomes law
• Tips for the citizen lobbyist

Copies are $19.95 apiece plus shipping. Use the button above to order online. Use the ORDER FORM (in PDF format) to pay by check or money order. Copies can also be purchased at the MPRC office (565 Congress St., Suite 200, Portland, ME) or at the Statehouse Cafeteria in Augusta.

“The Citizen’s Guide is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in or involved with Maine’s legislative process.”